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Many thanks to members & others for their kind comments, amongst them the following:


Hi James, can you please remove me from the list? I am happily in a new relationship and we are discussing marriage. I thank you for this service and God for putting us together. I could only ever use a singles service like yours because I couldn't bear the thought of online dating. You are indeed a godsend! (Margaret, Sept.2019).


Earlier last year ... and myself joined Catholic Singles. We initially corresponded by letter and agreed to meet on April 5th.,2003. Since then we have developed a meaningful relationship. We would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to meet through Catholic Singles. Obviously we will not be renewing our membership for the New Year but wanted the opportunity to let you know that you have made two people very happy and we will always be grateful.

Thank you for your letter updating me on Catholic Singles. Through Catholic Singles I met ... and we are married, so I am very grateful to you and your organisation. (June, 2004.)

... married me in July 2004 - we met via your organisation! Thank you and your organisation for bringing us together.

I am writing to inform you that I will cease my membership since I have met a lovely man through Catholic Singles. (Jan., 2005)
Thank you for the last Bulletin. I will not renew my membership as the last year was successful and I have found my "other half". The idea of Catholic Singles is really great. We do not have to apply to Christian Agencies and then choose people with our principles and the same denominations. We all are here. I met ........ who also belonged to your Agency in April last year and from then on we kept in touch. I moved down to ................ and work here. We strengthened our relationship and are both devout Catholics which helps us both in a proper approach to our faith and relationship. We booked our wedding on 13th August this year. (2005)
... Clarence and Tom have been married on Saturday 7 May at 11am at St Joseph's Catholic Church Wembley. It was a memorable day we will never forget, as Jesus brought us together.
Thank you Catholic Singles for helping us with this. (2005)

I would be grateful if you could take my name out from the mailing list. I have met  a lady from your organisation and we will marry in September 2006. I hope to send you an invite to this special occasion in due course. My heartfelt thanks. ( Oct.2005)

It was about this time three years ago that I noticed a poster advertising your website, as I left church one evening. 
I wrote away for further details and within a few weeks, I had joined Catholic Singles.  At the time I was living in Coventry and I wrote to a lady from Stoke-on-Trent.  After receiving a promising reply, we spoke over the phone and arranged a first date on Saturday 5 April 2003.
The first date was a real success.  We both felt a mixture of nerves and excitement.  I didn't know it at the time but it was the first time I set eyes on my future wife!  Following on from our first date, we met up every weekend throughout that summer.  By September 2004, ... made me the happiest man alive when she agreed to marry me. 
The big day arrived in August 2005 and we are expecting our first child in June 2006.  We are living in Stone, Staffordshire.
We are writing to inform you that we would like you to sign us out of Catholic Singles. We are very grateful for giving us the opportunity to meet via Catholic Singles. We would like you to know that you made two people very happy. We will send you soon a letter by post and some photos from our trips and dates. Thank you very much for your organisation which brought us together. (Jan.2007).

I would just like to let you know that I have now met someone through Catholic Singles and will be getting married in the summer of this year. May I thank you for your service and will be grateful if you could remove me from the lists of male members. (Jan.2007).

Please remove my name from your file. Thank you for all the contact sheets you've sent me. Catholic Singles is a much better  organisation than the Catholic Unattached Directory. With best wishes and God bless you and your work. (Feb.2007)

Thank you for your kindness and great service with all your hard work in the Catholic Singles club .I am very pleased to inform you I have met a gentleman and we are both head over heels in love. I would be grateful if you could remove me from your list. We both feel it is God’s will that we are together and although we have only known each other 8 weeks we are planning our future together. Thank you for your kindness and help and keep up the good work

Love from Helen (April 2007).

I know I called you this morning to cancel my membership of Catholic Singles, but I just wanted to email you to thank you for running a wonderful service. I've always wanted to meet a girl with a Catholic upbringing who is honest, caring, and has good family values. We can always dream, but yes... I've met that person. (Jason & Olive Jan. 2008).

We thank you sincerely for the donation and can only promise prayer in return. May God bless each and all who help us.
With best wishes and love
Sister Anastasia  FMSL  (Littlehampton)
Thanks for the offer of membership renewal. I have been a member for about a year now, and in that time met a few nice people. The best thing is that I met a lovely girl who I am very close to, and we have been together for 6 months now, including a visit to her family overseas. I don't think I could have met her, or anyone else, without CS, so would like to thank you personally for taking the trouble to run this organisation. Because it looks like we will be together for the foreseeable future, I won't be re-joining CS, but wish you and everyone on it all the best. (Oct.2008).
I am delighted to say that I have met a lovely lady through Catholic Singles. Hence, I would be grateful if you could remove my name and profile from future listings. (Nov.2008).
I would like to take this opportunity to tell you that I have had a wonderful time as a member of 'Catholic Singles'. It is a fantastic idea and I wish you every continued success with it!! I have now found someone with whom I believe I can be truly happy and at this time I would like to cancel my membership and have my details removed from your database. Thank you for your customer and wonderful service.(Dec.31st.2008).
I hope you are keeping well and enjoying the sunshine. I just thought that I would let you know that I have now met someone through Catholic Singles. We have recently got engaged and plan to marry this year in September. I think it may be best if you delete my entry from the list now as it may look that I am still open to receiving communication from other members. I would just like to say that my experience with Catholic Singles has changed my life considerably. I have made valuable female friendships through the organisation as well as finding someone special to spend the rest of my life with. Many thanks. You are doing a fabulous job and service to catholic singles. (June 2009).
After going through a very difficult time at the end of last year and the start of this I would like to say that joining Catholic singles was the best thing I ever did. I have met a beautiful, kind, caring and understanding girl who I am already extremely fond of and only see good things happening in the future for both of us (July 2009).
I am very happy to announce that I have found my perfect partner through your help at Catholic Singles. My name is Michelle and I would be very grateful if you could please remove me from your files. Thanks again for all your help. I would definitely recommend your service (July 2009).
I am writing to thank you as I have met the love of my life through you. I met ... on the Aug.14th. and we fell in love and are so happy together. I only contacted him as I have learnt Italian for 3 years and was very surprised at the result. You have made us both very very happy. (Oct.2009).
Just to let you know that I have met up successfully with a very nice man through Catholic Singles. He is the first person I have met through your organisation and by a huge coincidence we both go to the same church in East Anglia and also the same Sunday Mass. Although I have been attending for 3 years since I moved to the area from the South-East, we had never noticed or spoken to each other. I joined Catholic Singles after seeing an advert in the parish newsletter and ... joined a year ago after seeing a poster in Church. A
lthough it is early days, we have agreed that we like each other enough not to pursue seeing other people and to concentrate solely on our own friendship. (Aug.2010).
Thank you for the membership renewal reminder. However, I am pleased to say, for my part, that I don't have to renew for the foreseeable future. I have been seeing a member of Catholic Singles since last Easter and we are getting along fine. May I thank you most sincerely for the opportunity that you and Catholic Singles have given me to meet this lovely lady. (Sept.2010)
Thank you for your renewal membership form. I won't be renewing my membership as I have met a wonderful man  through Catholic Singles.  We met up back in February after several emails and phone calls, and we have been getting along extremely well ever since!.
So pleased I joined Catholic Singles!! (Nov.2010)
Just to keep in touch and let you know that ... and I have recently got engaged and hope to get married next year. We are very pleased that we decided to join Catholic Singles. Thank you (Feb.2011).
Thank you for your email. After having met someone really special from Catholic singles, I will not be renewing my membership. I think this is a great organisation and never expected to meet someone lovely but I have. I have also had the pleasure of meeting some other people who are now my friends. It’s so good to meet people who are like-minded and who care about the Faith too. I think it’s a wonderful organisation and am really pleased I joined cause if I hadn't I'd never have met …. . I wish everyone else good luck in finding a special friend (April 2011).
I met ... within the first month of joining and ... we got engaged in January.  We are getting along very well and hope to arrange our wedding for next year. All of this was thanks to Catholic Singles. (June 2011).
I wanted to drop you a line and let you know that that through Catholic Singles I have been dating a lovely man for the past couple of months.  Thank you so much for the work you do and I’d certainly recommend Catholic Singles to others.  I will of course let you know of any future updates!  Take care & God Bless. (July 2011).
We are writing to say thank you for your organisation Catholic Singles through which we met each other in Spring 2009. We are delighted to be able to tell you that we were married on Sat.July 9th. this year! With grateful thanks and kindest regards, Kevin & Amanda. (Aug.2011)
I have met a wonderful man through Catholic Singles hence I will not be renewing my membership. We have had the most brilliant 6 months together including holidays in India and Canada. Although he lives in Kent and I live in Dorset we have managed to see each other almost every weekend since last March. A big thank you Catholic Singles for helping me to find a dear friend, a soul mate and the love of my life all wrapped up in one gorgeous man (Sept.2011).
We met through Catholic Singles and are pleased to tell you that wewill be marrying in June 2012 (Oct.2011).
I just want to say thank you for your ongoing efforts in relation to Catholic Singles. It is hugely appreciated. I have met ….. through Catholic Singles and so far thank God all is going well. We are very happy. May I withdraw my profile from Catholic singles as I do not want to mislead anyone who may be emailing me please? Thank you and God bless your great work. I will keep you updated on how things are going! Hopefully I won't need to resubscribe - if I do then it's God's will!! (Nov.2011).
John Patrick & Carol express their deep appreciation to Mr.Judge and Catholic Singles through which they met and are engaged to be married in three months time (March 2012).
I am pleased to inform that I am in a relationship with a lady I met through Catholic singles, so I do not wish to renew (Aug.2012).
Last year I was a member of Catholic Singles. Through CS I met a fellow member, Tony from Harrow. I would like to let you know the happy news that Tony and I are to be married on 22nd September 2012 in the Catholic Church. We would both to thank you for all the work you do in bringing single Catholics together.
Last Jan.2012 I met a man through you and since then we have been getting on so well with each other. Thank you for what you do enabling people to meet each other in a careful and thoughtful manner. I wish you every success with this endeavour and hope lots of other people meet each other and have their lives enriched. God Bless, and thank you (Nov.2012).
Just a short email to ask if you can stop sending me the updates and monthly journals as of now removing my name from your register. I have been seeing a lovely lady from C.S.for four months now and everything is going extremely well.I must thank you again for your wonderful organisation conducted by yourself. (Nov.2012).
Three years ago we met through Catholic Singles and then found that not only did we live within 6 miles of each other but we also attended the same church and the same service. The path to marriage did not always run smoothly as … was married and divorced as a young man and had to go through a long, lengthy procedure to obtain an annulment. However, the annulment has now been granted and we were able to marry in our local Catholic Church. We are both very grateful that we found each other late in life and are very happy together. A huge success story for you. Please continue the good work. (July 2013).
Could I please be taken off your mailing list. I am currently with someone who I met through CS. Thank you for your effort of creating and maintaining the site. (Sept.2013)
I  am happy to say that I have met someone really nice through Catholic Single. We have been dating for exactly a year now (8/9/2012). Thanks to you and your work with Catholic Singles that ... and I have met and we are very happy. (Sept.2013)

Thanks for the e-mail. I have been meaning to contact you for quite a while to ask if you would be kind enough to remove me from your mailing list. I met a lovely girl (via your organisation) and am engaged to be married. Thanks for everything. (Sept.2013).

When I contacted you through Catholic Singles less than a month ago, I had no idea that the Lord already had someone waiting there just for me. We both feel we are the recipients of a miracle which has come to us in a unique way. And we are not taking it for granted. I know I have met my soul-mate even in this short time, and it's the best present I will ever have this Christmas (I'll let him speak for himself)! But we give thanks for your amazing vision, and for the service you offer to give individuals the chance to meet each other, in the hope that it will be that very special person they will want to spend the rest of their lives with. It's also nice to know that so many needy charities also benefit from contributions to Catholic Singles.I would recommend it - with no reservations - to anyone who feels lonely and has a need to share their love and life with someone in a similar situation. That's what we are in the process of planning. We are making hay while the sun shines and will keep you updated! So may I ask that you take me off the list, please? Thank you again James. Please keep up the good work and may God continue to bless your endeavours. Lucie from Devon.(Dec.2013)
Thank you for your help in finding my future wife. She is uniquely perfect for me and if it were possible for me to search for one thousand years I could not have found her for myself. Wesley (Dec.2013).
Just wanted to wish you all the very best for 2014. Hope you had a great Christmas and have a great year ahead. As you can see I got married to .... in November. It was a great day for both of us. We met through your organisation - for which many thanks. (Jan.2014).
We wish you every blessing for 2014 and thank you for bringing us together. We are looking forward to getting married on 14 June in Kingston, Jamaica. Warm regards, Lucie & Wesley.(Jan.2014).
Dear James,
I will not be renewing my membership, as I have met a wonderful woman through your site. We met in June 2013 and have been seeing each other ever since. We are even planning a holiday in the future, so thank you so much to you and your organisation.(Jan.2014) 
Clive & Zoe are delighted tro announce our wedding thanks to Catholic Singles (June 2014).
Hello James, I went on the CS London trip on Saturday, which was a walk from Camden Town to Little Venice along the Regents Canal, finishing with a meal at a cafe overlooking the water. Vlod was our leader for the day. After a winter of not much activity, I decided to try the London group, as not a lot happens near to Gravesend in Kent, where I live. Since June, I have been on maybe half a dozen events in London. Saturday's trip was the most enjoyable so far. five ladies & five men took part and all seemed to be so friendly and happy,just seeking a little companionship. On a wet and overcast Bank Holiday Monday, I just thought that I would write to you and thank you for creating such a wonderful organisation and that is coming from someone who is basically very shy, having had to force myself to take part in the social events and meet new people (Aug. 2014).
Thank you for the bulletins. I would like to withdraw my profile please. I have met … through Catholic Singles! All is going well thank God. Thanks for all the great work you have done bringing people together! (Nov.2014).
Hi James, I do not wish to renew my membership. I've met someone incredible from this website and we are very happy- nearly a year on. It's the best money I have ever spent online! Many thanks and kind regards. God Bless. (Jan.2015).
I have been looking forward to being able to send you this contribution to your testimonials page! Through Catholic Singles I have met the most wonderful man and we are getting married on 9th May this year in Broadway, Worcestershire. It is 2 years, almost to the day, since we exchanged our first emails, very soon after I joined.  So not exactly a whirlwind romance - we took time to get to know each other and became friends before romance blossomed. We thank God that we found each other and thank Catholic Singles for being the channel through which we met.  Keep up the good work! I will try and remember to send you a wedding photo. God bless. (Jan.2015).

Things are going very well between me and .... thank God. I cannot thank you adequately for the great service which you provide- it is life changing. I will have a Mass said for your intentions.
God bless (Jan.2015).

 Good morning James, Hope you had a nice Easter. However I wish you to withdraw my name as I am now in touch with some one special, who I've met through your membership group and for which I'm extremely grateful (April 2015).

Congratulations! … and I are very happy together. Thank you for being instrumental in facilitating this!! I will therefore not renew my membership. May you be richly blessed. I wish you well in your endeavours. (April 2015). 


Dear James, Just to request you to take my entry off the records as I do not wish it to go to new members. I met …. from Portsmouth diocese who is also a member and we seem to like each other and plan to meet often. Thank you for the service you provide. You will be blessed for making it possible for me to meet someone I enjoy being with. Will keep you updated on the progress we are making. Thanks again and God bless you. (April 2015)

I won’t be renewing my membership.....I’ve met a lovely gentleman through your organisation and hope that our relationship will go from strength to strength!! I think that the way you manage Catholic Singles is fabulous – no need for long profiles, no pictures and various outings makes it a social network second to none! I hope that you continue to play your part in connecting like minded individuals – you should be proud of the happiness you bring to others!! Sincere thanks and God Bless you. (May 2015).
Dear James, Please remove me from your mailing list as I have met a lovely man through your newsletter - member from Northern Ireland. (July 2015). 
As I have met a wonderful partner through CS just over a year ago, I have no need to continue membership of the CS list. We are very happy together. Thank you for the wonderful work you do with CS. I came across the advert for CS in the newsletter for Holyrood church, Watford, that I happened to be visiting at that time. I give thanks to God for that happy circumstance and the kind person that put the insert in that weekend. I wish you continued success in the future in helping people put together and forming loving relationships.
Thank you and with with best wishes (March 2016).
I will not be renewing my membership as I have met a nice woman through Catholic Singles and we have been seeing each other for a few months now. Thank you James for the service that you provide, it is much appreciated (May 2016)..
Dear James, I would appreciate if you could remove my profile from the next bulletin. Thanks to Catholic Singles I have met a really nice person and I am very happy. (Sept.2016).
Feedback from the visit to the National Gallery on 8/4/17 organised by one of our members, David, and attended by ten other members:
Thank you David for a lovely time on Saturday. I learnt a lot about the paintings of the life of Christ and if you have any more information I could read up I would be grateful.
Thank you so much for the gallery visit you organised, it was truly wonderful.

My friend & I would like to say thank you very much for a very interesting & informative guided tour. We were most impressed by your knowledge of the subject & certainly learnt new things.

Thank you for organising this very special event. Happy Easter. (April 2017).

Dear Mr. Judge,I am writing to inform you that I met someone really special through the Catholic Singles service in February this year and that we are now in a loving relationship and very happy together. I have copied my girlfriend ------ on this e-mail. Therefore can you please remove our details from your future bulletins. We thank you and God for bringing us together and we hope and pray that we will continue to grow stronger together each day. Keep up the good work (April 2017).

 Dear James,  As former Catholic Singles members, we wanted to send you a brief message to let you know that we are happily engaged and we are getting married in March 2018. We are incredibly thankful and grateful to Catholic Singles for providing us with the opportunity to find love with each other. 
Thank you so much for the wonderful work that you do in bringing people together (July 2017),

Hello James,
I would like to thank you for helping me find my perfect partner. We are now happily engaged and are planning our wedding. Thank you for all your assistance. (June, 2018)

 Dear James,

Thank you for all your work at Catholic Singles. I will not be renewing again. I am to be Married next year, hopefully during May. We met through your agency seven years ago. So a big thank you for that! (Dec.2018)


Hello James, I am very happy to let you know I will not be renewing my subscription - for the best possible reason. A few months after I joined, I responded to an advert and met the most wonderful man who shares my interests, my hobbies, and my faith. I truly believe, and I am so very thankful, that God has put us together and we are planning to marry in due course. James thank you for providing such a special service for Catholics, and I hope that all your subscribers will find happiness.God does indeed work in mysterious ways! All the best from your former subscriber (Feb., 2019).

Hi James, can you please remove me from the list? I am happily in a new relationship and we are discussing marriage. I thank you for this service and God for putting us together. I could only ever use a singles service like yours because I couldn't bear the thought of online dating. You are indeed a godsend! (Margaret, Sept.2019).